Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Kaziuko Mugė!

This weekend in Lithuania the annual celebration of the biggest folk and handmade crafts festival will take place – Kaziuko mugė. This festival, which in English is Casmir’s Market, is named after St. Casmir and held close to the day of his death.  Kaziuko mugė has been celebrated since the 17th Century and was originally a time for Craftsmen to display their handiwork. Now the holiday is recognized near the beginning of lent and has grown as a nationwide event celebrated with markets across Lithuania as thousands of Lithuanians gather to celebrate the coming of spring.

During Kaziuko mugė Lithuanians celebrate the change in seasons and banish the winter away as they welcome the first signs of spring. It is a grand celebration of folk art, crafts, music and dance that are characteristically Lithuanian.

Happy Kaziuko mugė!!!

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