Friday, October 28, 2011

Russia Russia Russia - Diana from Cornerstone

Can it be? Is it true? In 24 hours, I will be lining up to get on a bus which will take me, and my fellow study abroad students, to Riga, where we will find a train which will take us to ... Russia! I cannot believe this opportunity. I keep thinking about how unique this opportunity is. I think I may only know a handful of people from back home who have set foot in Russia. In our cross-cultural seminar, we talked about a lot of the different things we would experience culturally while in Russia. We also talked about bargaining -- I'm so excited and VERY nervous to try out using my Russian numbers which I've been practicing to bargain in the market! We have so many wonderful things on the agenda -- the Ballet, the sauna, museums, the Moscow metro. I think it will be a stretching experience because the culture is  so different from home, and even from LCC and Lithuanian culture. I am so excited to learn about Russia, about the world, and about myself from this unique opportunity to enter into a world so unlike my usual comfort zone!

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