Monday, February 27, 2012

Roaming through Rome - Bryan from Union

Myself and 9 other friends flew to Rome and thus our vacation began. 

Vinny's pastor from California had some sort of a connection with a guy at the Vatican so we were supposed to meet up with this guy for a private tour of the St. Peter's basilica. Well this was no ordinary guy, this was the direct attorney to the Pope! This guy was legit. We got to see the room (from the outside) where the Pope lives. He took us in the side entrance to the basilica where ONLY royalty and the Papacy enter. There were swiss guards protecting the entrance at all times, this was no joke. So he gave us a fantastic private tour, letting us see all the highlights of the basilica. We got to go into the room where the Pope prepares his sermons and we met some Cardinals that were going to be elected the next morning. He also sat us 4 rows from the front of a mass in St. Peters Basilica. WHAT?! I'm not Catholic, but this was incredible. So after that incredible experience we were all completely awe-struck. We had to keep asking ourselves what just happened.

Group at the Trevi fountain. Photo by Jenica

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