Thursday, December 13, 2012

The contemplative Life – Lizzy from Cornerstone

Since Lithuania is in the center of Europe, many students take advantage of cheap flights and opportunities to travel.Some students choose to visit Rome or Paris, and others look for more unique opportunities. Below are a few notes from Lizzy after spending a weekend visiting a peaceful monastery in Germany.
Sr. Makrina and I before I left to go back to Lietuva.
Photo by Lizzy
It began as a solo journey to a foreign land, not knowing what to expect or how I would get there, but I was on my way.  My destination would be Dinklage, Germany...The weekend was filled with a lot of talking and a lot of thinking.  These sisters live a very contemplative life, and I envy their devotion.  I am grateful for the time I could spend in Kloster Burg Dinklage and I am thankful that I could spend my time there talking with a follower of Christ.

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