Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hopes and expectations for the new semester - Courtney from APU

Today, I embarked on the craziest journey of my life. Spending 4 months in what most people from California and Texas would consider to be the tundra. Studying abroad in Lithuania could not be more opposite than my upbringing or my college environment. Although I couldn’t be happier to challenge myself in such a unique way and it is a huge blessing to be able have such an experience.

I hope during my time abroad I can focus on seeing God’s creation and people as He sees them. I’m ready for Him to mold and use me.
Photo by Courtney. "It’s like a dream here. Growing up where the ice melts within hours and snow sticks to the ground for seconds it is like witnessing a miracle with the light snow falling all day and the mounds of ice and snow."

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