Sunday, February 24, 2013

Smelt Festival - Caitlin from Wheaton

Last Saturday I went to Palanga for the Smelt festival that is held there each year (smelt are little fish). Travis, Ashlee, Anna, Samantha, Jessica and I took the 30 minute bus ride to Palanga on Saturday morning.  It was fairly easy to find the festival in the town because everyone was walking towards it.

There were many tents which had works by various artists. There were toys, jewelry, cookware, and a lot of knitted mittens and socks. There was one artist who had woven baskets, chairs, and hampers. There were even child-sized tables and chairs. What caught my eye the most were baskets that looked like you could put Moses in and send them down the river. Why do we put babies in those giant carriers?  Shoot, just put them in a basket.

Baskets. Photo by Caitlin

On the bridge. Photo by Caitlin

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