Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My semester in photos: research your hostel! - Travis from Waynesburg (Part 7)

Free breakfast at the Harmony Hostel in Istanbul, Turkey

Keywords: Istanbul, Hagia Sophia

Lesson: Research your hostel.

Aside from the trips the program takes us on we also have the ability to travel on our own. Elizabeth Johnson, a fellow study abroad student, and myself decided that we would venture to Istanbul for a three day trip to see as much as we could of this melting pot of east and west. While security and cleanliness are important, I choose this photo to underline the two most crucial aspects when choosing a hostel: location and free breakfast. From the terrace of the hostel we started each morning with some free grub and a view of the beautiful Hagia Sophia.

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  1. I'm hoping to go to Istanbul while I'm in Lithuania this coming fall! Any advice you can offer for getting there, traveling the city etc.?